Bridal Services

Image of a beautiful bride after makeup

At IOSIS Salon & Spa, check out the best pre-bridal package, which is a harmonious blend of skill, artistry, and personalised attention, crafted to transform every bride into her most radiant self on her special day. Our experienced team understands that weddings are a momentous occasion, and we are dedicated to relieving pre-bridal stress and enhancing the beauty and confidence of brides-to-be. With a range of exquisite treatments and bridal services, we ensure that every bride steps down the aisle with grace, poise, and unmatched elegance, making her big day truly unforgettable.

DrapingTrendy Eye Make-up
Trendy Nude Make-upClassic Day Look
Bridal HairdoRegal Evening Look
Royal Bridal Look 

Explore our bridal packages and treat yourself to exquisite services that IOSIS promises to provide.

Beautiful Bride Ritual - Rs. 19,999/-

Stress & Anxiety Relief Massage (60 mins)Signature Scrub
Signature Bridal Hydrating WrapBody Bleach
Fruit Waxing-Full BodyCrystal Clear Facial
Hair Filler TherapyMood Calming Manicure & Pedicure
Threading-Facing & Neck 

Signature Luxury Bridal Ritual - Rs. 9,999/-

Body SpaPure Skin Essence Facial
Relaxing Manicure & PedicureAlmond & Apricot Scrub
Hair Nourishing Treatment (M)Bleaching (Face & Neck)
Threading (Face & Neck)Honey Waxing (Full Hands & Full Legs)